Stone Room (Taş Oda) is 1 km (0.6 mile) far to Burdur centurum. It is one of the 17century Ottoman architecture. The building is two-floored. The first floor is built of stone, the second floor is made of earth bricks and wood. Especially the wall of eastern part of the Main Room and the two side open barn with a pointed arch part below the Main Room is built of köfeki stone(kind of soft stone). The house is placed in the western part of the garden. Shelf under the stairs to the first floor exit is a fountain. Cutting The fountain is made of stone blocks is still in use today. Beside the stable on the ground floor of the house there are also two large and one small rooms with pointed arches.

First you go up into the second floor on wooden rail into a hall. Rooms are sorted along the southern and western side of the rectangular form of the hall. On the northern part there is a pavilion located. This hall was closed out with strips created cages. Part of the hall roof is made of wooden strips fastening technique, large and small triangles between the slats and strips are painted blue, red and green. Main Room is located in the northern part of the hall. The main Room is lighted with plenty of windows. With wooden cupboard, cabinet, hood, roof and window stenciled moldings the Main Room is the most attractive room. The room divided into two, with a raised floor with terrace in north direction divides the ceiling also into two parts. This separation, as in the hall rising adjacent to the walls, zigzag motifs crossing over with a fancy pen, the lower and upper parts like an hourglass-shaped five-sided column.

The same column was made to the roof in a horizontal shape. At the entrance of the room along the closet there is a narrow shoe closet lowered from the floor of the room. Illumination of the room is provided from two sequential windows in two directions. The stained glass windows feel a different beauty in this room. The outer parts of sub-windows have iron Screwdriver Bit Socket railings and flat wooden shuttered. The internal parts are moldings and stenciled floral motif and windows and cabinet mirrors are plastered and there is a verse written in Ottoman and Persian gold foil-covered relief praising the owner and the mansion. The building has apart from the Main Room other four rooms opening to the hall. There are Pop-up windows with wooden doors providing the entry of the light to the inner rooms. The adjoining room has a door transition to the Main Room. In the south part şerbetlikle made of plaster, there is also a second Main Room located with a wooden ceiling work that reflects the character of a traditional Turkish house .
Address: Pazar Mahallesi, Merkez – Burdur
Phone: +90.248.233 1042
Admission: Free

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