Simena Archaeological Site is 141 km (87 mile) far to Antalya centurum. Simena is one of the unique settlements in Turkey to where the only accessed is by the sea. The antique city of Simena, located in a 260 km² area within the Kekova Private Environment Protection Area in order to preserve the natural, cultural and geographical values of the Kekova island and the surrounding coasts, is officially registered as a 1st class archeologically protected area. Kekova is the name of the 7.4 km long island opposite Simena with the nearest part being 500 m away from the coast, and it is also the name of the general area consisting of Teimiussa (Üçağız), Aperlae (Sıcak) pier, Akvaryum Bay and Gökkaya Bay.

The northern shores of Kekova Island facing Simena are full of traces of the civilization, partly sunk beneath the water after earthquakes during the antique period. These traces include stone stairs and the ruins of houses and piers, partly under water reaching depths of 4-5 m. The first entrance to the Kekova area by land, the seaport of Üçağız, known as Teimiussa during the antique period, a neighbour to Simena, was the most secure corner, providing protection for sailors against the storms and waves of the Mediterranean Sea. Between Kaleköy and Üçağız, among the small islands, which were used as stone quarries for tombs, are the ruins of road and pier.

Although the name of the antique city of Simena was first mentioned by Pliny (1st century A.D.) both the Lycian inscriptions and silver coins found in Aperlae indicate that the history of the city dates back the 4th century B.C. The city was a member of a sympolity or federation under the leadership of Aperlae and other members were Apollonia and Isinda. The city of Aperlae represented this federation in the Lycian League.

Simena continued its independent life after the area joined the Roman Empire. The first structure seen when the coastline is approached is the ruins of a Roman Baths thought to have been built in 79 A.D. with the inscription, “This is a present for the Emperor Titus from the people and the assembly of Aperlae and other cities of the League”.

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