Silk City is 16 km (9 mile) far to Bursa centurum.  The name of Bursa, which is one of the most important centers and the last stop in Anatolia on the route of the Silk Road, is known as a city which identified with silk and silk making. The terms ‘’Silk’’ and ‘’Silk making’’ are one of the most important values that carried Bursa’s name, green and beauty to the other side of the world by caravans for centuries. Today, silkworm breeding and silk productions which become a secondary occupation/pastime once formed the most important production area of Bursa. The history of silkworm breeding which is the first phase of sericulture goes far back. Homeland of silkworm breeding is China and it began to spread around the coasts of Marmara with the silkworm seeds secretly brought to the Byzantine in 552 B.C. The Ottomans improved this activity and continued it. With the industrial revolution, other fabrics that are much cheaper than silk and produced in mass scales have replaced the silk fabrics in the European countries. Despite all the efforts in the Republic Era, sericulture could never be brought back to its original level. Bursa has been an important commercial/trade city in almost every era of history.
Address: Hereke – Bursa
Admission: Free

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