Saraylar Marble Open Air Museum is 120 km (74 mile) far to Balikesir centurum. Marmara Island, formerly known as Prokonessos rose to prominence in the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods because of its marble quarries which supplied the luxurious stone for the extravagant imperial buildings programs. Marble Beach near Saraylar village derives its name from the natural marble that lies just off the water’s edge. In town, an open air museum displays artifacts which date back to Roman and Byzantine times.

This island is known for its pure white marble. Marble has been quarried here for over 1000 years and the quarries are still very active. From overhead you can see the quarries on the north side of the island. Of particular interest is the small fisherman’s harbor of Saray. The breakwater is built of all marble and the harbor is lined with beautiful and interesting marble sculptures a sort of open air art museum.

Address: Marmara Adası, Saraylar – Balıkesir
Phone:  –
Admission: Free

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