Salda Lake (Salda Gölü) is 59 km (36 mile) far to Burdur centurum. The Salda Lake 60 km far from the city center in the town of Yesilova has a surface areaof 47 km² and with its fresh water it is suitable for water sports of all kinds.The cleanness of Salda Lake depends on the dense populated pine tree mountains surrounding the lake. Some parts of the muddy lake shores and sudden deepening pose a danger for the swimmers.

Salda Lake is located on the Antalya-Pamukkale tour route with an altitude of 1193 meters. Sultan Pinar south side of the lake water position makes this area a resort location. The lake was registered as a protected conservation area in 1989 and is now under first degree of protection.

Open daily between 09:30-18:00 except Mondays.
Address: Yeşilova – Burdur
Phone: +90
Admission: Free

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