New Castle is 60 km (37 mile) far to Adiyaman centurum. Located nearby Kocahisar Village which is 60 km to Adıyaman. New Castle was built by the Commagenes and used together with Arsemeia. Romans and Mamluks restored the Castle and finally in 1970’s the castle was partly repaired. In the castle are a bazaar, a Mosque, a dungeon, water canals, ruins of pigeon loft and inscriptions . A water canal flawing from the castle down through to Nymphois was bound to Arsameia by a tunnel. It is still possible to reach the water through the water canal which has an 80 meter length.

Open daily between 09:00-17:30
Address: Kocahisar Köyü – Adıyaman
Phone: +90.
Admission: 3 TL

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