The Nevsehir Museum located in Nevsehir centurum. An absolute stop for history and archeology devotees. Here, you can see all findings which come out during many excavations in Nevsehir.

There are two exhibition rooms, namely archeological and ethnographical, in this museum which was opened to public in 1988.

On the ground floor, zoolite and animal bones from the previous periods are exhibited. The most attracting part is the fossils of marine species, which is located in the south of Cappadocia. These findings prove that Cappadocia was formerly an inland sea.

Archeological remains are exhibited on the sub-ground floor of the museum. Objects found during the archeological excavations are exhibited based on their respective periods. Articles starting from the early Bronze Age to the Byzantine and Ottoman periods look glamorous. Stone stelas, tablets, money and medal collections of various periods are also eye-catching.

Ethnographic exhibition room is located on the upper floor of the museum. On this floor, porcelains, clothes, weapons, kitchenware and ornaments of Seljuk and Ottoman periods are generally exhibited. The most attracting part of this room is the area where rare manuscripts are exhibited. This museum which protects memories of Cappadocia with care is a must-see.

Open daily between 09:00-17:00

Address:Kayseri Cad. Türbe Sok. Kültür Merkezi Binası No:1, Nevşehir
Tel: +90.384 213 1447
Admission: Free

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