Miniature of Green Bursa Botanic Park is 18 km (11 mile) far to Bursa centurum.  Within the scope of Bursa’s green belt, the ‘’Soganli Botanic Park’’ was opened for service in 1998 in order to give the city plenty of oxygen and new recreation and wellness sporting areas.  The ‘’Soganli Park’’ is protecting the Bursa Plain with its 150 species of 8,000 trees, 76 species of 100,000 bushes, 20 species of 50,000 trailing and 27 species of 6,000 roses and also is open to botanic research and scientific studies.

There are Japanese garden, English garden, French garden, rose garden, azalea-rhododendron (forest rose) garden, fragrant plants garden, rock garden, color gardens and shaped plants gardens in the park.

Aside from offering the opportunity for the visitors to rest and observe the plants that open their leaves and bloom at different times, the Soganli Botanic Park also offer the opportunity to do physical sports exercises for healthy living.  There are 12,000 meters of scenic walking trails, scenic jogging track, 1,000 meters of cold asphalt covered bicycle path and ponds in the park.  In the park, some of which are famous, replicas of old Bursa houses were constructed which belong to the 17th, 18th and 19 century.

Open daily between 08:30-17:00

Address: Osmangazi, Soğanlı – Bursa
Admission: Free

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