Malta Kiosk is 23 km (14 mile) far to Istanbul centurum. The Malta Kiosk is located in the Yildiz Park at Besiktas district, near the Yildiz Palace. It was built in the mid-19th century by the Sultan Abdulaziz in this heavily forested park and used as a relaxing mansion for both sultans and their ladies wondering in the nicely cared vegetation. At some periods of the late Ottoman history, the mansion has also witnessed dramatic moments such as isolation or exile of young heirs or princes, Murad V to name one. The kiosk has a European decorative style with Acanthus leaves column capitals, fine friezes on the marble fountain at the entrance, gold leafed mirror, and ceiling decorations with fat marble fish statuettes. The mansion wasn’t used much during the Republic era until 1979, than it was restored and opened to the public. Today, there is a restaurant and cafeteria inside which is open everyday.

Address: Yıldız Mh., 34349 Beşiktaş – Istanbul
Phone: +90.212.258 9453

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