Magnesia Archaeological Site is 26 km (16 mile) far to Aydin centurum. Magnesia is located in Tekinköy village of Ortaklar resort in Germencik city of Aydin, on the road between Ortaklar andSöke. Magnesia can be reached via either Izmir-Aydın road or through Selçuk;from Aydın, through Germencik, or through Söke. It is exactly 100 km fromİzmir, 4 km from Ortaklar and 16 km from Söke. For those who prefer thehighway, Magnesia can be reached 1.5 km after turning toward the Ortaklardirection at the Bodrum-Söke turning point.

The results of these French excavations havenever been presented to the academic world, nor has a complete set of all thedrawings made by the expedition’s architect Clerget ever been published. Thesedrawing are today stored in the “Bibliothéque des Ecoles desBeaux-Arts” in Paris. Indeed, from this work we have only a few drawingspublished by Clarac. Later Raoul Rochette, by making use of these drawings,made corrections to Leake’s plan and so added some new observations. In1872-1873 O. Rayet and A. Thomas conducted research in western Asia Minor,which resulted in the publication of the most comprehensive account ofMagnesia’s history. In 1887 Osman Hamdi Bey, then Director of the IstanbulArchaeological Museums, working from information provided by F. Winter and W.Judeich, carried the rest of these frieze blocks measured approximately 20metres in length, to Istanbul from the Artemision.

Open daily between 08:00-17:00

Address: Tekinköy – Germencik – Aydın
Phone: +90.256.225 2259
Admission: Free

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