LAUSANNE Memorial and Museum is 93 km (57 mile) far to Edirne centurum. Lozan Aniti (Lausanne Memorial), built after the Lausanne Treaty that marks the end of the Turish war of independence and the beginning of the Republic of Turkey in 1923. It stands at a 2 minutes walking distance from the Greek border in Karaağaç, Edirne.

The three bars of the memorial represent three parts of Turkey:

– The longest one represents the large part of Turkey in Asia, namely Asia Minor or Anatolia (Anadolu in Turkish).

– The shorter one represents the lands of Turkey in Europe, Thrace as we call it (Trakya in Turkish).

– The shortest one represents Karaağaç, the only piece of land Turkey has on the west side of River Meric. Karaagac was given to Turkey by Greece as a war compensation, as decided in the Lausanne Treaty.

Open daily between 09:00-17:30 except Saturday and sundays.
Address: Karaağaç semti, Eski Tren Garı – Edirne
Phone: +90.284.236 2785
Admission: Free

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