King Rock Graves is 5 km (3 mile) far to Amasya centurum. At the bottom of the Amasya Castle, there are 5 rock-engraved king graves. They drag attention with their structures and positions. Aside from these graves, there are a total of 18 rock-engraved graves of various sizes in the valley. According to the famous geographer Strabon (63 BC – 5 AD) who was born here, these rock graves belong to the Pontus Kings. The graves that Strabon mentions are the 5 memorial quality graves that are known as “Kizlar Sarayi” (“Palace of Girls”).

During 301 B.C and 26. A.C, when Amasya was the capital of the Pontus Kingdom, this graveyard was constructed for Roman kings and situated at the South side of Harşena Mountain. The Stones were carved to construct the area. The tombs were constructed to this place because according to the myth, kings were believed to be resurged and they don’t want people to find their tombs that easily.

In Hatuniye district, there are some stairs and a Stone way that goes to the tombs. It is know that there were around 21 tombs along the Yeşilırmak River, but nowadays we only have few of them visible. This place is also known as Kings’ Vale” since 18 similar tobms were found so far. One common point of all the tombs is that they all have an entrance, which looks like a door with the altitude of 3 meters.
Tombs’ round were excavated in order to keep the tomb dry and protected.
The biggest tomb among Kral Kaya Tombs, has a 15 meters of altitude 8 meters of diameter and 6 meters of depth, was constructed by lime Stones.

The three tombs on the Palace of Girls were dug side by side. The one in the left was brought to the forefront that the aim is believed to overshadow the one in the middle. The most interesting aspect of the Kral Kaya Tombs is that there are passages passing behind rather than passing through them. In addition to this, it is believed that there is the starting point of a tunnel that goes far till the river.

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