Kibyra (Gölhisar) Antique City is 108 km (67 mile) far to Burdur centurum. When you are driving from Antalya to Denizli and when you are at the road junction at Çavdırwe would recommend you to switch to the road to the ancient city Kibyra in Gölhisar district of Burdur. While Gölhisar is offering a cool air for the summer tourists the opportunity for a holiday there are also offer you some interesting places as Böğrüdelik Plateau and Yapraklı dam.

Kibyra is established within the boundaries of the town of Gölhisar, it is at the intersection of the regions like Lycia, Kayra, Pisidia and Phrygiaand also in the center of trade routes. Kibrya, the city of strong warriors and fast horses,enchants its guests with its rich historical heritage.

On the left when entering the city a U-form stadium with the Capacity of 12-13 thousand people with a 200-meter-long track meets you. It is one of Anatolia’s most splendid stadiums. When going along you will face up and down Agora Theatre and the Parliament building. All the buildings are so located that all the buildings have a view to the entire valley.

Parliament building / House of Music with the capacity of 3600 people and its roof and completely closed is the most magnificent works of architecture of ancient Anatolia. This building has served as a courthouse and as a theatre in winter. In the centre of the orchestra is the head of the Medusa whose hair is made of red, green and white marbles looking like snakes and her gaze which turns people to stones is unique not only in Anatolia but also in the world. Parliament building is greater than the one Ephesus. Besides, monumental tombs, basilicas, agora, bath and mesmerizes those who see the city with its theater intact. You will realize that seeing the Parliament building, with the head of the Medusa on the floor and ancient city Kibyra is a privilege.

Address: Gölhisar – Burdur
Phone: +90
Admission: Free

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