Kastabala Ruins is 66 km (41 mile) far to Adana centurum. There is a fort from Middle Ages called Bodrum Castle rising on a rock protrusion, which dominates a small plain between Kesmeburun and Bahçeköy, to the north of the Ceyhan river. The castle is at a distance of 110 km from Adana, on the road which connects Osmaniye to Aslantaş Dam and the Karatepe – the Aslantaş Open Air Museum. The ruins of the ancient city which was once located there can still be seen today around the castle.

The name of this ancient city could be determined as Hierapolis – Kastabala only from the antique inscriptions which were discovered by the end of the 19th century. Since then scholars from various countries had taken an interest in the monuments, inscriptions and coins of Kastaba and due to their investigations, it was possible to bring some light to the history of the Acient City. The oldest information about Kastabala comes from the Bahadarlı village near Karatepe. An inscription written in the Arami language, which was the formal language of the Persians who ruled Anatolia in 5/4th centuries B.C., was discovered there. The inscription was actually a border stone and stated that part of the lands of Kubaba, the Mother Goddess of Anatolia, also known as Pirvasua, belonged to a woman who was ruling over Kashtabalay.

Whether the name Kashtabalay used here refers to a city or to some piece of land cannot be deducted definitely. The fact that Kastaba as the name of the city can be seen on the coins minted during the rule of Antiochos Epiphanes IV (175-164 B.C.), a king of the Hellenistic Period, shows that the city was built during his reign. Antiochos named the settlement as the holy city because of the temple of the goddess named “Perasia” who was worshiped for a long time. The name Perasia most probably is a derivative from Pirvashua of the above mentioned Arami inscription, whose roots go as far back as the Late Hittite Period.

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