Karatepe National Park and Open Air Museum is 66 km (41 mile) far to Adana centurum. Karatepe has monumental gateways with passages leading to chambers at either side. The interior basalt walls are carved with lions, sphinxes, and depictions of deities such as the Phoenician storm god Baal and the Egyptian dwarf god Bes. There are also several bilingual inscriptions there that, when the site was discovered in 1946, became the key to unlocking the mysterious Luwian hieroglyphs and truly opening up Hittite civilization to scholars for the first time.

Open daily between 09:30-16:00 except Mondays.

Address: Kızyusuflu Köyü, Kadirli, Osmaniye – Adana
Phone: +90.328. 719 2417
Admission: Free

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