Ishakpasa Palace is 100 km (62 mile) far to Ağri centurum. Constructed through the end of eighteenth century, Ishak Pasa Palace stands on a plateau that descends to the northwest. It overlooks Sariova, where the modern city of Dogubayazit is located. The remains of old Dogubayazit lie to the northwest and to the south of the palace. A small mosque (mescit) and a cemetery lie to the southeast of the palace. The northern façade of the palace faces the Dogubayazit Castle, on a nearby hill. The palace was commissioned by local Ottoman governor Ishak Pasa and took ninety-nine years to complete in 1784. Ishak Pasa is also thought to be the architect of the palace.

The palace was built using six different types of local stone. Wood was used for the roof structure and columns. Most of the wooden roofing structure has disappeared. Iron was used to reinforce the masonry. A wide variety of architectural elements were can be seen in the palace complex, including octagonal columns with muqarnas capitals, pointed arches and blind arches decorating the walls and crowning the rectangular frames of the windows.

The decorative scheme consists mostly of stone carving, featuring floral motifs such as entwining vine branches and grapes, geometric shapes and elaborate arabesques. There are traces of painted decoration inside the mosque dome. Carved inscriptions with Quranic verses and poetic praises of Ishak Pasa decorate the interior of the ceremonial hall and the mosque.

Open daily between 08:30-17:00 except Mondays.
Address: Doğubeyazit – Ağri
Phone: +90.472.312 69 09
Admission: 3 TL

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