İnsuyu Cave (İnsuyu Mağarası) is 2 km (1 mile) far to Burdur centurum. Western Taurus Mountains in the Lakes Region and in the southeast of Burdur-Antalya highway, 1200 m above the sea level the Insuyu Cavern is located 11 km far from the city center of Burdur. The Cavern with a length of 597 meters is a window to the world of imagination. Mineral water, featuring water-carbohydrate, and it is known to treat stomach and diabetes treatment. There is a clean and cool air inside the cave.

The cave is found by speleogy geologist Dr. Temuçin AYGEN and was opened to tourism by the Governor of the period Vefik KİTAPÇIGİL in 1966 . The Special Provincial Administration has established an accommodation facility around the cavern. Operation of the cave is implemented by “Cave of Burdur Province Insuyu Plants Association of Protection and Survival”.

Insuyu Cave navigates 525 m in length. Through sedimentation of limestone the water formed by melting and erosion stalactites and stalagmites in the shape and structure, about 10-15 thousand years which is a natural phenomenon. Besides the impressive beauty of the cave stalactites, stalagmites and columns, there are also 9 small lakes of various sizes. These, the “Great Lakes” known as the Turkey’s largest underground lake has an area of 512 m2. Underground rivers and lakes in Burdur province and the country need the most effective national and international tourism market is a source of tourist attraction. Insuyu Cave of the product and, unfortunately, this feature greatly in recent years has begun to lose. For many years the focus of attention of local and foreign visitors who believe in its luck threw coins to the “Wishes Lake” and “Sparkling Lake” which dried up in recent years, with approximately 20 m depth and up to 80’s people could row around in a boat in the “Great Lakes” and now more than half of the level have lost and has turned into three small lakes. Every year a festival is held by the Burdur Municipality based on the introduction of Insuyu Cave which has become traditional. The İnsuyu Festival has the characteristics of the agricultural and industrial products of Burdur and from the point of introduction the cultural and folkloric features İnsuyu Festival has the characteristics of a fair.

Open daily between 09:30-18:00 except Mondays.
Address: Mandıra Köyü – Burdur
Phone: +90.248.233 1042
Admission: Free

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