Ihlamur Kiosk is 21 km (13 mile) far to Istanbul centurum. Ihlamur Kiosk is an imperial rest house built in the middle of Linden trees (Ihlamur in Turkish) in Besiktas district, where you can have a cup of coffee or a cup of Linden tea. The pavilion was built between 1849-1855 by the wish of Sultan Abdulmecit as a resting villa where he also received some of his foreign guests including the French poet Lamartine. It’s architect was Nikogos Balyan, a famous imperial architect at that time. Ihlamur Pavilion is formed by two buildings; Merasim kiosk used for ceremonies, and Maiyet kiosk reserved for the court of the sultan or his harem. After the death of sultan Abdulmecit, the pavilion was also used by the sultans Abdulaziz and Mehmet Resat as a relaxing kiosk. It’s opened as a museum in 1987.

Open daily between 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. except Mondays & Thursdays

Address: Ihlamurdere caddesi, Besiktas – Istanbul
Phone: +90.212 258 50 86
Admission: 5 TL

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