Husnu Zuber Museum is 6 km (3 mile) far to  Bursa centurum. It The 19th century Ottoman house, served first as a State Hostel and then as a Russian Consulate. It was restorated by Hüsnü Züber and  opened to tourism by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in 1992. In the museum, the yakma-daglama (a method of wood engraving and  processing) collection of the artist Hüsnü Züber is exhibited as well.

Open daily between 08:00-16:30

Address: Ahmet Paşa Medresesi, II. Murad Cad. Muradiye – Bursa
Tel: +90.224.225 48 13
Admission: Free

*Ticket booths are closing 30 minutes or an hour before the museum closing time*

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