Gordion Museum is 80 km (49 mile) far to Ankara centurum. Established near a small village with a population of 500, known as Yassıhöyük, in 1963. Today there is a chronological exhibition in Gordion Museum and every period is represented with characteristic examples. In three exhibition vitrines there are works of the the Early Bronze Age and these are followed by artefacts of the Early Phrygian Period, which ended with King Midas. The objects that are exhibited include: handmade pots and pans belonging to the Early Iron Age, iron equipment belonging to the Early Phyrigian Period, and equipment of textile production. In the new exhibition gallery, a typical structure of layers of ruins dated 700 B.C. within a panoramic window. Greek ceramics imported in the ages 6 B.C.-4 A.C. and materials belonging to the Hellenistic Age and Roman periods are exhibited in the other parts of the new gallery. The visitors are able to see the examples of seals and coins that were found in Gordian in the last section.

The increase in the number of the visitors to Gordion Museum in the last years has led to new arrangements being made. Within these studies, the main structures to be listed are the 180 m2 storage building, 150 m2 additional exhibition gallery, 30 m2 laboratory, 35 m2 gallery of visual information and 5000 m2 open exhibition area.

The area that has been recently excavated has been afforested with the saplings that the Phyrigians used in their furnishings such as cedar, scented juniper, boxwood, yellow pine, walnut and yew tress.
The Roman Mosaic and the Galatian Tomb that have been transferred to this new area, it is to be considered as a part of the studies carried out.

Address: Yassıhöyük Köyü, Polatlı – Ankara
Phone: +90.312. 621 4422
Admission: 3 TL

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