Gerga Archaeological Site is 41 km (25 mile) far to Aydin centurum. East of the ancient city of Alabanda,near the village of Ovacık, are the ruins of Gerga. The settlement is defined by a piece of rock nearly 1 m high which is inscribed with the word “Gerga”. It is also scattered with the remains of buildings, statues, statue pedestals, monuments, tombs and temples. Among these remnants, which wonderfully exemplify typical Carian art, the most attractive ones are the fragments of huge human statues which have slid

off their pedestals and the small stone structures with open facades bearing the term ‘Gerga’. One important structure built from huge hewn blocks, which is thought to be a temple because of its architectural characteristics, remains standing. It is thought that the statue under this structure belongs to the goddess Cybele.

Open daily between 08:00-17:00

Address: Deliktaş Mevkii, Çine – Aydın
Phone: +90.256.225 2259
Admission: Free

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