Ephesus Archaeological Site is 76 km (47 mile) far to  Izmir centurum. In the Hittite era, the name of the city was Apasas. In about 1050 BC, migrants from Greece began to live in this port, which moved to the vicinity of the Temple of Artemis in 560 BC. The city of Ephesus, of which ruins are visited today, was founded by one of Alexander the Great’s generals, Lysimachus, in about 300 BC. Ephesus enjoyed its golden age in the Hellenistic and Roman periods, and as the capital of the province of Asia and a big port, its population was 200,000. However, in the Byzantine era, the city moved once again and came to the Ayasuluk Hill in Selçuk, where it was founded for the first time.

Should See

Magnesian Gate
East Gymnasium and State Agora Baths
Upper Agora (State Agora) and the Basilica
Temple of Domitian
Fountain of Pollio
Monument of Memmius
Gate of Heracles
Street of Curetes
Fountain of Trajan
Terrace Houses
Varius Baths
Temple of Hadrian
Public Toilet (Latrine)
House of Love
Stoa of Alytarkhus
Marble Street
Library of Celcus
South Gate of Agora
Tetragonos Agora
Great Theater
Harbor Street (Arcadiane)
Theater Gymnasium
Harbor Bath
Church of Mary
Palace Structure, Stadium Street, Stadium and Gymnasium
Temple of Artemis
Seven Sleepers

Open to the public between 08:30-17:00
Address: Efes Ören Yeri Selçuk – Izmir
Phone: +90.232. 892 6010
25 TL


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