Ehmedek Castle is 138 km (85 mile) far to Antalya centurum. This is where the Hellenistic architecture fades to stop before leaving the town. After Aladdin Keykubat invaded Alaiye, the Seljuks did not ruin the found architecture but built what was necessary on top of it. This used to be where the commander of the fortress lived. It was built a year after the Kiziikuie was. The large tower of Ehmedek consists of a couple of parts. It contains many water tanks, Turkish baths and stoves. All of Alanya can be seen from this tower. The grands of the Seljuks were hosted here when they came to Alanya. This monument has been well preserved at all times and it is noted that Savcızade Emir Karaman restored it last time in 1423. I am going to mention more about the mosques found in the Tophane region and in the fortress region with the other historical mosques.

Open daily between 09:00-17:00
Address: Alanya Kalesi, İç Kale, Ehmedek – Antalya
Tel: +90.242.511 3304
Admission: 10 TL

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