Education Museum is 4 km (2 mile) far to Ankara centurum. The Turkish Education Museum, formerly called the “School Museum” was established by Mustafa Necati, the Minister of Education, on 4 th March, 1926. The Museum occupied the ground floor rooms of the Ministry building in Ulus.

It was the Museum’s aim to collect valuable object and documents that demonstrated the history of the Turkish education. These included such things as samples of students and teachers work, photographs showing the conditions in scholls and the materials used in the classroom. The museum had carried out this function until 1938, giving courses, preparing exhibitions and opening public libraries.

At the beginning of the World War II the display rooms became too small for all the collected material. Thus all the photograph and picture albums, the stuffed animals, the school supplies and books were moved to the Gazi Education Faculty and the Ankara Hasanoğlan Teachers Training School.

The museum was reopened to the public by Hasan Sağlam, the Minister of Education, on 24 th November, 1981 as part of the celebrations to mark the centenary of the Atatürk’s birth.

The Education Museum was established with the purpose of forming a research centre to study the development of the Turkish educational system and the educational technology. To this end, it collects and stores objects and documents relating to this development with the purpose of introducing and making them more familiar to the younger generation. The Museum also carries out the task of opening the Education Museums at schools and in other cities through out Turkey.

In the museum there are displays of documents, supplies and books; a library and archives relating to Turkish educational history and to Atatürk as the founder of the modern Turkish educational system.

Open on weekdays

Address: Beşevler – Ankara
Phone: +90
Admission: Free

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