Column of Julian is 1 km (0.62 mile) far to Ankara centurum. This column, in Ulus, was built in 362 A.D., probably to commemorate a visit by the Roman Emperor Julian the Apostate. It stands fifteen meters high and has a typical leaf decoration on the capital.

This is located beside the pool between the financial directorate and the governor’s building in the Ulus district. It is about 15m high, with a number of rings along its length, and has no inscriptions. The capital of the column is adorned with acanthus leaves. It is said to have been set up in 362 AD in honour of Emperor Julian the Apostate when he passed through Ankara (Ancyra) during 361-363 AD. It is known locally as the Belkis Minaret.

Address : Ulus  – Anakara

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