Celal Bayar Museum is 37 km (22 mile) far to  Bursa centurum. In the name of Celal Bayar, the third Head of State of The Republic of Turkey, a library and a museum opened in Umurbey town at north ofGemlik in 1970.

Besides the tombs of Celal Bayar, there are photographs of his on duty period, memoirs, paintings, various  documents, medalsand plates in the museum.

Celal Bayar Museum and Library is closed every Monday afternoon and Tuesdays. It is  open to the visitors during the weekend and all the other weekdays in work hours.

Open daily between 08:30-17:00

Address: Umur Bey Kasabası, Gemlik – Bursa
Tel: +90.224.513 45 21
Admission: Free

*Ticket booths are closing 30 minutes or an hour before the museum closing time*

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