Buyuk Aga (Kapiagasi) Theological School is 2 km (1 mile) far to Amasya centurum. Had been given the name by the citizens, Büyük Ağa Madrasah is situated in Şamlar district and was constructed in 1488 by Abdülmûinoğlu Hüseyin Ağa.

The typical Asian and Seljuk’s octagonal architecture was before used for tombs and monuments. Therefore, it was the first time that this type of architecture was applied to this madrasah. Yet this was a rare architecture in Ottomans, this building has a privileged structure among other structures in Anatolia.

Madrasah’s walls are consist of Stones and bricks. It has lately been repaired. The entrance is at the North-West corner of its wall, with a huge door. In its octagonal court, there are 20 madrasah cells and a classroom, which is also used as prayer room, covered with a huge dome from the top.

Address:  Merkez, – Amasya
Phone: +90
Admission: Free

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