Bursa Magical Beauty Bird Paradise is 45 km (27 mile) far to  Bursa centurum. The Bird Paradise which is located 45 kilometers from the Bursa-Canakkale (Dardanelles) highway is another natural privilege of Bursa. Peacocks in particular, there are many bird species such as pheasants and partridges live in the Bird Paradise and it truly is a true nature paradise worth seeing with trees such as blue cypress, lemon cypress, spruce and cedar.  Ornithologists frequently visit the Bird Paradise in order to have studies and it enchants all the visitors with its beauty.

Open daily between 09:00-18:00

Address: Uluabat Gölü, Gölyazı Köyü – Bursa
Tel: +90.224.818 10 13
Admission: 4 TL

*Ticket booths are closing 30 minutes or an hour before the museum closing time*

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