Bursa Archeology Museum is 11 km (6 mile) far to  Bursa centurum. Constructed with the charm of any 1972 institutional project, this museum is worth the 30 minutes it will take to get through, especially if you’re strolling through Çekirge or into Kültür Park. The fact that the attendant trails you to turn the lights on and off is a bit unnerving (the museum doesn’t see that many tourists), obliging you to react with an appropriate level of enthusiasm. The museum houses regional artifacts dating back to the 3rd century B.C., with crude pottery and tools from as far back as the Neolithic period. Particularly impressive is the collection of ceramic and glass objects from the Classical era, much of which has remained surprisingly intact. The extensive collection of coins displayed on the mezzanine is significant because notable figures had a habit of emblazoning their portraits on the face of the piece, providing a rare window of accessibility to the ancients.

Open daily between 08:30-17:00 except Mondays.

Address: Kültürparkiçi, Çekirge – Bursa
Tel: +90.224. 234 49 18
Admission: Free

*Ticket booths are closing 30 minutes or an hour before the museum closing time*

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