Burdur Museum is 1 km (0.6 mile) far to Burdur centurum. Burdur, which has such a rich archeology of prehistoric and classical ages , started to creat a museum in the middle of the 1950s, and through archaeological excavations in four seasons between 1957-1960 at Hacılar Tumulus and has attracted the attention of the whole world. As the result of these initiatives Burdur Museum was officially established in 1963. Burdur Museum was opened to the service of humanity and the world of science in the newly created surrounding structures on 12th June 1969 at the location of the museum used as a small madrasah Library of Sheikh Bulgurzade Aga or Sheikh Mustafa, pertaining to the Hegira 1239 Necipefendi Library. Although its lack of particular location and exhibition settlement and the possibility of failure was seen in 1992 our city having a rich archaeological potential developed the Museum within a short time of our country, the western part of the museum was expropriated and is included to the museum. The construction of new exhibition halls and antiquities warehouses of the museum which expanded was started by the Minister of Culture İstamiyan TALAY on 9th June 2001, and after 6 years of revision work of the foundationand on 7th July 2006 our museum opened its doors to visitors and the world of science by the Minister of Culture and Tourism Atila KOÇ.

Open daily between 09:30-18:00 except Mondays.
Address: Özgür Mah. Cevizli Sok. No:7 – Burdur
Phone: +90.248.233 1042
Admission: Free

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