Bergama Acropolis Archaeological Site  is 102 km (63 mile) far to  Izmir centurum.  Besides the ancient settlement of Pergamon (Acropolis) in Kale Tepe (Castle Hill), there are many smaller and bigger mounds in the Plain of Bakırçay. According to surface studies in those mounds, the history of settlements in Bergama dates back to the Early Bronze Age (3rd millennium BC).


Royal Palaces
Temple of Trajan
Sanctuary of Athena
Library of Pergamum
Theater and The Theater Terrace
Altar of Zeus
Upper Agora
Water Supply Canals
Sanctuary of Demeter
Sanctuary of Hera and Upper Gymnasium
Gymnasium, Lower and Middle Terraces

Lower City

House of Consul Attalus
Lower Agora (marketplace)
Gate of Eumenes

Open to the public between 08:00-17:00
Address: Kurtuluş Mah. Akropol Yolu No: 2, Bergama – Izmir
Phone: +90.232. 631 0778
20 TL


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