Baki Bey Mansion is 1 km (0.6 mile) far to Burdur centurum. It is in central Değirmenler District. It is one of the most beautiful examples of 17th century Ottoman civil architecture of. Mansion, which continued until the end of the ground floor window on the wood and stone foundation walls, composed of thick massive mud-brick two-story structure. The upper floors can be reached through stone stairs. The upper floor overlooking the garden and the cross street has a large patio. Between the slats in the ceiling of the vaulted recess is decorated with green and red earth paint strips. Barrel roof of the mansion is tiled with Turkish style. Wood surfaces of the vaulted recess is also decorated fringes of the same green with red strips with earth paints like the ceiling. The decorated pointed arches between the painted poles, buttresses, wide and painted eaves complements the accessories of the architecture.
The Main Room is located in the eastern edge of the vaulted recess. The most striking room is the Main Room. Starting from the door of the Main Room window, stained glass windows, cabinet doors and niches at the top of the hood, circulating through the window moldings, closet doors, four-side seat polishing, ceiling and inner part of the ceiling is decorated with hubs in gold and silver leaf and paint pen. The motifs, floral ornaments entirely reflect the era. All of these gold and silver plates, painted woodwork and stenciled decoration has revealed a rare beauty called the Main Room. The Main Room is two progressive based. The salient part is raised from the floor.
After the Main Room there two more rooms which open to the patio and they open again between each other. Although simple in terms of both material and decorative gold-and silver leaf finish and stenciled decorations is very noticeable. One of these rooms has wooden decorated hoods. The ceiling of the second small room is divided into squares, strips and moldings decorated with colored pencil work.

Open daily between 09:30-18:00 except Mondays.

Address: Değirmenler – Burdur
Phone: +90
Admission: Free

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