Atatürk’s House is 4 km (2 mile) far to Ankara centurum. As it is known, due to the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire after the World War I, the house that Atatürk was born and spent his childhood years in, had remained outside of the country land. During the Lausanne discussions Atatürk’s wish to include Salonika within the borders of the country had not been realized and he had felt great sorrow from this.

The Executive Committee of the Ankara Chamber of Commerce gathered on 6 November 1980 for the whole country wide celebrations of the centennial birthday of the founder of our nation, the great leader Atatürk. In this gathering, the Chairman of the Executive Committee of its time, Mr. O. Galip Gencoglu, put forward a proposal for constructing in Ankara, the exact replica of the house in Salonika where Atatürk was born and spent his childhood and part of his youth with his friends, planning and deciding for an independent country with a free governing regime. This proposal was welcomed with a great emotion and excitement by the representatives of the Premier, Cemal Sümer and Polat Ögün, members of the Executive Committee Muin Eksi, Irfan Bozer, Sabahattin Parla, Ekrem Ekinci, Yasar Eraydin, Turhan Yalcin, Yakup Köseoglu, Halil Yilancioglu and the Secretary-General Mehmet Aydin. After the approval of the proposal of the Executive Committee with same emotion and excitement by the Chamber Board, the matter was presented to the chairmanship of the Centennial Celebrations Coordination Committee and necessary permission and approval was received. After that all the formalities were finalized and immediately went into action.

Open Sundays and on religious and national holidays, 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm.

Address: Atatürk Orman Ciftligi (Atatürk Forest Farm), Gazi – Ankara
Phone: +90.312 211 01 70 Ext.222
Admission: Free

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