Ataturk Scientific & Cultural Museum is 96 km (59 mile) far to Adana centurum. The museum building is one of the traditional Adana houses on Seyhan Avenue, built in 19th Century. A two-storey structure built of brick and stone with bay windows and pitch roof. Because of its peculiar characteristics, it is classified as “Cultural Real Estate under Conservation” by the Ministry and preserved in its original state. When Atatürk and his wife visited Adana on 15 March 1923 they stayed in this house which belonged to Suphi Pasha of Ramazanogullari at the time. The building was expropriated and restored by the “Atatürk Scientific and Cultural Conservation and Revival Society” and under the guidance of Army Corps commander Bedrettin Demirel and by the people’s help and donations, opened to public as a museum in 1981 under the administration of Directorate of Museums.

Atatürk’s visit to Adana is officially celebrated every year on the 15th March in this building.

Open daily between 09:30-16:00 except Mondays.

Address: Kayalıbağ Mah. Seyhan Cad. No: 59 – Adana
Phone: +90.322. 359 7866
Admission: Free

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