Assos Ruins is 70 km (43 mile) far to Çanakkale centurum. Settlement in Assos begins at about 2000 B.C. At 1000 BC. Ancient city of Assos was established by the colonies that are migrating from Aegean Islands. It came under the rule of Lydian’s, and with their defeat, it was conquered by Persians. Around the years 500 BC, it became a member of Attic Delos. Euboulos (a prominent banker) took the control of the town in the year 300 B.C.; the Eunuch Hermias, one of Plato’s students, succeeded him and it was because of this association that Hermias’ friend Aristotle stayed with him for three years in Assos. At about the same time Aristotle married a woman, made observations in Assos, and opened a School of Logical Thinking there. (348-345 B.C.) In the first great European literary work, Homer’s Iliad, siege of Troy that took place in the region is told briefly.

In 334 BC, Assos was taken by the Macedonian Emperor, Alexander the Great, and the city was a part of Pergamon Kingdom for some years after which it came under Roman rule. Although Romans did leave many remains, some of the most interesting archaeological sites are of cultures that preceded the Hellenistic civilizations. Assos was ruled by Byzantium after 395A.D. During this period, it was known as Makhram. It is believed that Behramkale, the name of the village above Assos is derived from this. Assos became an Ottoman town during the reign of Murad I. The acropolis was defended by a double wall. The cultural richness of the region began to be protected after the establishment of Republic. The historical and cultural remainders in Assos and its neighbourhood began to attract attention of tourists in 1970’s. After the findings in the excavations in 1980’s, the village became more popular for those who love historical sightseeing.

Open daily between 08:00-17:00

Address: Behramkale Köyü, Ayvacık – Çanakkale
Tel: +90.286.721.72 18
Admission: 8 TL

*Ticket booths are closing 30 minutes or an hour before the museum closing time*

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