Asikli Hill Town is 25 km (15 mile) far to Aksaray centurum. The hill town, which is near the Melendiz brook. The hill town, which dates back to the B.C. 8000, is the first village settlement of the central Anatolia. The settlement in the hill town has been provided by two layers of culture from top to bottom. The districts have been separated from one another by two-three room passages made of adobe bricks. While the houses attract attention with their quadrilateral, square and trapezoid plans, the entrance of the houses is enabled by portable ladders from the roof. In the residences whose ceilings and walls are plasteres with mud, there are furnace places spread with pebbles. The most remarkable element in the hill town in which plenty of data have been reached is the fact th at the first surgery and autopsy traces (in the skull of a young woman) of the first village settlements in the world have been discovered in this hill town.

Open daily between 09:00-17:00

Address: Aşıklı höyük Yolu Gülağaç – Aksaray
Tel: +90.382 212 3563
Admission: Free

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