Amasya Museum is 2 km (1 mile) far to Amasya centurum. This museum is the most modern and rich museum of the region that serves our country. It has exhibitions of samples that belong to 11 different civilizations. There are almost 24000 samples like archeological samples and ethnographic samples, seals, coins, handwritings and mummies. The museum is three-floored and the first floor has a buffet, and resting places and a small exhibition salon. The upper floors have two big salons where archeological and ethnographic samples and coins are being displayed. In the garden, there are stone antiquities and Sultan I. Mesut’s Tomb. There are 6 mummies that belong to the Ilhanli Period being displayed in the garden. In the lower salon, amphora, bronze and soil tombs, that belong to Roman and Byzantine period; two statues that belong to Hellenistic and Roman Periods; original marble tablets from the mosques, theological schools and similar buildings that belong to Selcuklu and Ottoman periods; carpets, rugs, prayer rugs from Azerbaijan and the premises that came with the immigrants during 1897-1898 Ottoman-Russian War; and carpets and rugs of the Milas, Kirsehir and Avanos regions are being displayed. Also, rare examples of wooden handicraft that belong to Byzantine, Selcuklu and Ottoman periods are exhibited here. The upper salon has two sections: archeological and ethnographic. Bronze Age samples (3500-2100 BC), Hittite Age samples (1750-1200 BC) and the world famous unique statue that is known as “Amasya Sculpture” or “Hittite Storm God Tesup” is being displayed here. Urartu Age samples (900-600 BC), Frig Age samples (850-600 BC), Iskit Age samples (6th century BC), Hellenistic Age samples (330-29 BC) and Roman Period (29 BC – 476 AD) samples form the museums richest collection. Byzantine Age samples (476-1453 BC) are also exhibited in this salon. In the ethnographic section, kitchenware, women accessories, moth-of-pearl chests, weapons, ceramics, astronomical tools, bath things, clocks, lamps, tea, coffee and cigarette tools, health bowls and amulets, handwritten Qur’an and flags are being displayed. The open air exhibition of the museum should definitely be visited.

Open daily between 08:30-17:00 except Mondays.
Address:  Atatürk Caddesi – Amasya
Phone: +90.358.218 45 13
Admission: 3 TL

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