Amasra Museum is 20 km (12 mile) far to Bartin centurum. It has been felt as an obligation to establish a museum in Amasra, as this city is a centre of archaic settlement and rich in terms of historical monuments.
Many activities were carried out for long years under the leadership of the poet – author Tahir Karaoğuz to establish a museum in Amasra. The first museum was built in 1955, and began its activities in a small room in the Town Hall. The museum was moved to an old school building in 1969. But there was a need to build a new museum in Amasra. Bahriye School, the construction of which was started by the Bolu Governor, Mr. İsmail Kemal, in 1884, was bought by our Ministry in 1975, and construction was completed in 1976. The building was opened to visitors on January 30th, 1982 upon the completion of restoration work. The museum is on a single floor and has 4 exhibition halls, 2 of which are archaeological and 2 of which are ethnographic halls. Most of the monuments in the exhibition halls were collected from Amasra and its environs.

Open daily between 08:00-17:00 except Mondays.

Address: Kum Mahallesi, Dereoğlu Sokak, No: 4, Amasra – Bartin
Phone :
+90.378. 315 10 06
3 TL

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