Alexandria Troas is 47 km (29 mile) far to Çanakkale centurum. The candidate to be the capital of the Roman Empire: The first research on the site started in 1786. from the surface study the borders of the city was mapped out.

The first excavation work started in 1996. The city was founded around the end of the fourth century B.C. by one of the commanders of Alexander the Great, Antigonos Monoftalmos, who gave the settlement the name Antigoneia. According to the geographer Strabo, at the beginning of the third century B.C. a short time after its foundation, the city was renamed Alexandreia Troas in the name of the Thracian King Lysmakhos Alexander and construction work began.

In this period the residents from the neighbouring seven cities were moved to Alexandreia Troas. The city stretched from present day Gulpınar to Troy and to the east as far as Evciler. It was one of  the largest Hellenistic cities established in Anatolia. In written records of the Romans it was stated that Emperor Julius Caesar had visited the city and considered making it the capital at the Roman Empire. In some sources it is written that Emperor Costantine considered building the Costantinopolus (Istanbul) on the site as his capital.

When the excavation, restoration and other works are completed on the site Alexandreia Troas, one of the largest cities Anatolia, will attract even more visitors. Even now, what can be seen at the moment on the site will give you an idea  of how great the city once was.

Address: Dalyan Köyü, Ezine – Çanakkale
Admission: 3 TL

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