Alanya Ataturk House Museum is 136 km (84 mile) far to Antalya centurum. The Alanya Ataturk House and Museum is located in Sekerhane Mahallesi on Azakoglu Street. The structure is a traditional Alanya house consisting of, three stories of wood and stonemasonry built on a symetrical plan in which “M all the rooms open onto a *J central sitting area. The date of construction is unknown, but the master builder, or usta, is said to have been a man named Beyri Usta.

The house, which was donated to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism by Mr. Rifat Azakoglu, was restored and opened to the public as the Ataturk House and Museum on April 30, 1987. Ataturk visited the home when he came to Alanya on February IX. 1935. and rested here for a time. On display on the first floor of the museum are photographs and personal effects of Ataturk brought from museum at Atatiirk”s mausoleum in Ankara, as well as telegraphs sent by Ataturk to Alanya in his lifetime.Among the fifteen personal effects of Ataturk on display in the museum are a shirt and collar, a pair of socks, a flak jacket, a pair of pajamas, an ascot, a morning coat, a vest, a shoe brush, and a fork and knife set.

The rooms on the second floor are fitted with period furnishings and ethnographic objects representative of the traditions of the Alanya region. The period rooms represented on this floor include a bed room, a child”s room, a sitting room, a guest room, and a study.

Open daily between 09:00-17:00
Address: Sekerhane Mahallesi, Azaklar Sokak, Alanya – Antalya
Tel: +90.242. 5133254
Admission: Free of Charge

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