Aksaray Museum is located in Aksaray centurum. Aksaray Museum, which is the most extensive museum of Central Anatolia, has been built by being inspired by the Anatolian Seljuk tombs and the fairy chimneys located in Selime region subject to Güzelyurt town as an architectural synthesis example.

On the first floor of the three-storeyed museum, stones and fossil samples  belonging to the geological periods and works of art belonging to the archeological periods are displayed. On the second floor, although there is the museum administration and a conference hall, etnographic pieces are also exhibited. The third floor, however, is used as the archive.

In spite of the fact that most of the Works of art displayed in its garden be long to the Byzantine period, there are also Seljukian period works of art though few in number.

Open daily between 09:00-17:00

Address:Hacılar Harmanı Mah, 5. Bulv. Konya Cad./5719 Sk No:16, Aksaray
Tel: +90.382 215 5636
Admission: Free

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