Aksaray Cultural Center is located in Aksaray centurum. The building whose construction was completed in 1930, and which served as the Governor’s building at first, was contributed to Aksaray Culture in 2007. In the building which was put into service as Aksaray Cultural Center, it is possible to find the features reflecting Aksaray culture, traditions, customs, life styles and folk costumes all together. The building which is used as a museum at the present day is two-storeyed and the whole of it is made of face stone.

All of the rooms in the Cultural Cent er have been furnished by taking the local characteristics into consideration as the henna room, carpet weaving room, sitting room and the hall.

Open daily between 09:00-17:00

Address:Meydan Mh, 68200, Aksaray
Tel: +90.382 215 6860
Admission: Free

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