Ahi Elvan Mosque is 21 km (13 mile) far to Ankara centurum. Found in the Ulus quarter near the Citadel, this mosque was built and finished during the Iate 14th and early 15th centuries. The finely carved walnut mimber (pulpit) is of special interest.

Ahi Elvan Mosque in the neighborhood of Koyunpazarı was built by the ahi leader Ahi Elvan Mehmet Bey (1331- 1389) in the year of 1382. The mosque has a wooden pillar, having the feature of Seljukid architecture. Three echelon stairs are used to climb the edifice. The entrance door was adorned by the stone knitting and decoration. Plaster mihrab and minbar was embellished with the examples of the Seljukid decoration art. Its minaret stands on the northwest wall. The square building has the cylinder body of the stone and brick. It has single balcony.

Address: Bahcekapı Mh., 38. Sokak, Etimesgut – Ankara
Phone: +90
Admission: Free

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