Adıyaman Museum is 2 km (1 mile) far to Adiyaman centurum. Centrum and it is a single floor building made on basement, with a huge garden. The monuments are being exhibited in two big halls and in an inner hall connecting these halls and in the inner garden. The museum has been the richest museum of the region with the monuments obtained from the foreign and domestic diggings in Lower Fırat Region and with the monument bought and obtained other ways.

Axes, drillers and cutters of Paleolithic Age; vessels made of cooked soil belonging to Chalcolithic Age; ornaments of Bronze Age  and ceramic vessels of Rome and İsla Age are all being exhibited in the museum. Stamps, man and woman jewelry, human and animal figurines, mosaics, gold, silver and bronze coins and ethnographic monuments of the regions are also being exhibited in the museum.

Open daily between 09:00-17:30
Address: Yenipınar Mh.  – Adıyaman
Phone: +90.416.216 2929
Admission: Free

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