The Selimiye Mosque is located next door to the famous Mevlana Museum in Konya. The mosque was commissioned by, and named for, Sultan Selim II (1566-74) in the Ottoman style. Construction began in 1558 when Selim was still a prince and was completed shortly after he became sultan, in 1567.
Like the Ottoman mosques of Istanbul, the Selimiye Camii is roofed with a large dome surrounded by semi-domes and sumptuously decorated inside. One interesting feature of the interior is the spire of the minbar (pulpit), which closely resembles the Green Dome of the Mevlana Museum.
The plan of the mosque in Istanbul, the Ottoman classical architectural style is similar to the old Fatih Mosque. Cut stone built round the north of the mosque, a domed portico of six columns, and seven are available. These columns are connected to each other, the red and white stone arches.
Entered the place of worship of the three gates. These are the main entrance gate of marble, filled with muqarnas. This is an undated inscription above the entrance. The right-hand door, the “mosque believer is like a fish in the water, take pleasure in it,” left at the door, “the mosque being overwhelmed by hypocrites like a bird in a cage” in the sense words are written. Place of worship sitting on two thick pillars are covered with a high central dome. This is a dome half dome in front of the altar, with three small domes supported by your sides.

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