Kursunlu mosque also known as Kursunlu Camii, Kasim Pasa Camii, Kursunlu Mosque, Kasim Pasa Mosque. Kursunlu Mosque was built between 1377 and 1378 by Ahi Sheikh Muhammed bin Alaaddin, under Suleyman Sah (1361-1387) of the Germiyan Emirate. Its name, “Kursunlu” refers to the lead sheeting of its dome. It is also known after Kasim Pasa, Ottoman governor general of Anatolia who restored the structure in 1520.
The mosque consists of a domed square prayer hall, preceded by a three bay portico to the north. The portico has a mirror vault above the central bay and two domes above the side bays, and is enclosed at either end by blind walls. A portal set into the narrower central bay of the portico leads into the prayer hall.
The prayer hall is about seven meters by seven and a half meters on the interior. It is covered at six meters with a dome carried on a belt of triangles. The simple, semi-circular mihrab niche is centered on the qibla wall, topped by an arched window. This upper window is mirrored on the west and east walls, with two additional casements placed low on the eastern wall. The northern wall also has two casements flanking the portal.
The single-balcony minaret adjoins the northeast wall of the mosque at the eastern corner. It has a square stone base and a circular brick shaft containing spiral staircase that is entered from a doorway inside the prayer hall. While the portico is made entirely of cut stone, the walls of the prayer hall are woven unevenly of brick and stone.

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