Karavezir Kursunlu Mosque is 18 km (11 mile) far to Nevsehir centurum.  This mosque with a spectacular structure, which is located in the Karavezir Kulliye (Social Complex), got built by Seyyid Mehmet Pasha in 1779.

The mosque whose yard has 3 gates has been established in a 400 meter square area. In the structure of this mosque with a square plan possessing the characteristic features of the Ottoman architecture, two colored face stones have been used.

The dome with an approximately 11 meter diameter covering the main space has been placed on 4 arches. The pillars in the community section with three divisions carried by six pillars have been connected to one another with a depressed pointed arch.

The sultan signature of Abdulhamid I which is surrounded by flower patterned embellishments in the frame of the entrance door is worth seeing. This sultan signature decorated with gold over green background bear the traces of the years.

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