Karacabey Mosque built by Karacabey in the 15th century; the mosque, tomb and foundation, which are now situated in the campus of the Hacettepe University, constitutes the kulliye with the Karacabey Bath, which is located in Hamamönü. The mosque was constructed according to the Bursa type- reverse T- plan. It is only example of such an edifice built on this plan in Ankara. The worshipping area was covered by two different domes and a five-section final worshipping place and an additional room was built nearby. Its vitrified and tiled minaret makes the mosques as one of the most important old buildings of Ankara. Tomb of Karacabey is situated at the northwest corner of the mosque. The graves of Karacabey and his son Ahmet Çelebi- both martyred in the battle of Varna- can be visited in the tomb.

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