Kursunlu mosque, situated in the Damat IIbrahim Pasha complex, was completed in 1726. The mosque, which is situated in the centre of a court with three gates, has an elegant minaret 44m in height. The name” Kursunlu” comes from the sheets of lead covering the main dome. Most of the internal decorations consist of floral motifs. A Madrasah, library, soup kitchen and a bath house are contained in the same complex. The structure of Külliye is composed of a mosque, a theological school, a library, a youth school, a charitable establishment and a bathhouse. The mosque which is located to the southeast of the Külliye was constructed in the year 1726. The exterior part of the mosque displays a plain appearance while the interior sections are decorated with the embroideries reflecting the characteristics of the Tulip Period of the Ottoman Empire.

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