The Fatih Pasha Mosque (1518-1520) was the first Ottoman mosque in Diyarbakir, built by Biyikli Mehmet Pasha, the conqueror (fatih) of the city in 1515.
The mosque has one large dome resting on heavy piers and supported by four half-domes, a structural and architectural development that grew into the classic centralized plan seen in  in Istanbul (1543-48). In each of the corners between the half domes is a small dome set on squinches. The lower ceiling-height of the half-domes accentuates the importance of the space under the central dome, allowing a hierarchy of spaces to de-emphasize the perfectly square plan of the prayer hall.
The entrance to the prayer hall is through a central door leading in from a seven-bayed portico on the north. On either side of the hall are small domed rooms only reachable from the portico. Despite the mastery of proportion evident within the mosque, the exterior is relatively plain.

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